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Beautiful, easily customizable, in-stream advertising for the rest of the web.

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Highly Engaging Ads

Broadcast your articles, videos, and music to new audiences natively.

Why advertise with

Launch in 60 seconds's content recognition technology does the heavy lifting for you, getting your ad ready for primetime with just a few clicks.

Target your audience

Your content is distributed via targeted websites and social media influencers who hand-pick relevant content for their audiences.

Traffic Quality Guarantee

Every click made on's ecosystem undergoes in-depth quality analysis. We deliver genuine visitors, or your money back.

Real-Time Analytics

Receive up-to-the-minute detailed reports on your campaign's reach, while using's suite of tools to measure performance.


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Native ad units that look beautiful on all devices

Why add to your site?

Boost Your Revenue publishers enjoy industry leading click-through rates because web users are up to 200X more likely to click on relevant sponsored content than traditional ads.

Quality, Relevance, Control delivers top-notch sponsored articles, videos, and music to you from around the web. When you see something you're audience will love, post it to your site with just one click.

Native Integration's smart technology learns the look and feel of your site and naturally blends advertiser content with organic content.

Fast & Easy's publisher tools are friction-free, making it simple for you to get up and running immediately.

About Us

Our story is on a mission to free the world from annoying ads, by replacing them with relevant and consumable content. We go to sleep every night dreaming of a world in which ads don't suck, and each day we get closer with every click.

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